April 22, 2009

At work today I was cleaning a table, collecting the dishes etc., and while I was wiping the table with a cloth I spontaneously looked up and made eye contact with a lady about 3 metres away from me and 10 years older than me. It was such a brief moment but it stayed in my head for some time after. She was a bit pretty, not what I’d call eye-catching but there was something…stimulating or intriguing about her ordinariness. When I looked into her eyes I instantly, without a doubt, knew that she thought I was someone else for a brief moment. I saw that look of recognition and excitement in her eyes which lingered for a brief moment while in her head she realized that, beyond question, I wasn’t the person she hoped I was.

Clearly eye language can be deceiving but I am so positive that she thought I was someone else, and we both shared this fact for a short time. The moment stayed in our minds for a while afterwards and it’ll surely be forgotten by her. That’s why I mindfully noted it with the intention of writing it here so I could save that really insignificant and fleeting experience, because it’s things like these which make up my whole day. I don’t romanticize every mundane and banal interaction, but I do dwell on a lot of it – and this so happened to leave an impression on me which I don’t even understand, and because I don’t understand it I feel it must be significant in one way or another and is definitely worth reporting! 😛

Philip out.



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