May 3, 2009

I’ve always had a strange relationship with trees. In every part of my life I’ve always been sensitive to the power that some trees have. It sounds completely weird and idiotic I know, but I don’t think anybody can deny that there are some trees which take your imagination on a little trip. It’s probably because I watched Fern Gully so many times as a child and I used to love climbing trees, and I’ve always grown small pot plants in my room. I definitely do have an uncanny connection to trees and it’s not in the predictable “I want to be a hippy and save all the forests in the world” kind of sentiment; I’m just saying that my ideal fantasy would be a house amongst old trees, new trees, small, big, green, red every kind of tree! And then to grow them and climb them! YAY! Here’s a shout out to all great trees!
Kyoto trees


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