October 15, 2009

Part  二 of my Binary series:

A monk and a druid were sitting at a cafe drinking coffee together.

The monk looked at the druid and said, “is that a pearl dangling from your earlobe?”, to which the druid replied, “no, yes, maybe, I don’t know…It’s too loud to respond to that question right now.”

The monk wasn’t sure if the druid was referring to the atmosphere in the cafe or the druid’s own thoughts – which the monk knew were at the best of times, befogged.

The monk gently inquired further as to the pearl hanging ostentatiously from the druid’s ear, “it’s looking at me quite smug you know. Could you please tell me if that pearl is really a pearl and if it really is attached to your ear in such a frank and conspicuous manner?”

The druid lost his temper, “WHAT THE FUCK! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE FUCKING!”.

Now the monk was positively confused, foremost at the druid’s peculiar use of the curse and secondly at his outrageous volatility. However, the monk decided not to pursue the matter any further because the pearl had apparentley disappeared, for it was no longer present on the druid’s earlobe.

“Our plane has arrived we had better go,” the druid said mildly as if there had been no peculiarity just moments before. Silently they stood up with their luggage and walked to the terminal.


The waitress at the cafe, who was a salmon, walked over to clean the dirty table. What she found there was a flawless and particularly beautiful clam’s pearl sitting in the murky puddle of coffee silt at the bottom of Mug. “Oh my heavens!”, she exclaimed, “a pearl! Oh my goodness, I need to frame this and take it back to my hubby next swim.”


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